Inside The Jokes: “Piss & S**t”

Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1)

This post is breaking down the jokes in this episode that you might not have understood or missed.

Cold Open

Act One

  • Blake: “Hey, look who it is. It’s Dick-tan-bay Mutombo.”
  • Adam: “Look who it is. Your dick is so tan bro!”
    • Dikembe Mutombo: A former NBA player who retired in 2009. He is now blocking shots in a Geico commercial.

  • Adam: “You don’t have to worry about us because we are straight as arrows. We should be in quivers ’cause we’re straight like…as arrow..we should…we’re archers.”
    • Quiver: A portable case for holding arrows. Select you quiver style here.
  • Robby: “I’m a professional. I’m a freakin’ bloodhound, and I can see the signs. The glazed eyes, the ridiculous J crew outfit, and you…”
    • J Crew: The highest quality men’s and women’s clothing store

Act Two

  • Blake: “I found this stuff called Niacin. It’s suppose to flush the toxins out of your system.”
    • Niacin: A vitamin that lowers cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart disease. Also, may help you pass a drug test.
Blake Researches Niacin

Blake Researches Niacin

  • Adam: “I could start a fire, burn this place down.”
    • A reference to the movie “Office Space” where the office is burnt to the ground to solve the worker’s issue.

Act Three

Act Four

  • Alice: “Every employee has tested positive for the following: marijuana, MDMA, PCP, HGH, Lipitor, Adderall, DayQuil, NyQuil. Why would anyone take both? Nitrous Oxide, Benzedrine, Valtrex, Flomax, Cialis, and birth control”
    • Marijuana: Psychoactive drug and medicine from the Cannabis plant
    • MDMA: “Ecstacy”, “E”, “X”, Pure form: “Molly”
    • PCP: “Angel Dust” Dissociative drug
    • HGH: Human Growth Hormone
    • Lipitor: Drug used for lowering blood cholesterol
    • Adderall: Used for ADHD
    • DayQuil: Relieves symptoms of the common cold and flu
    • NyQuil: Relieves symptoms of the common cold
    • Nitrous Oxide: “Laughing Gas”
    • Benzedrine: “Bennies” Can cause a euphoric stimulant effect
    • Valtrex: Used to manage herpes
    • Flomax: Treatment for difficult urination
    • Cialis: Treats erectile dysfunction
    • Birth Control: Pill taken to prevent pregnancy

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