Inside The Jokes: “The Future is Gnar”

Season 3, Episode 20: “The Future is Gnar”

This post is breaking down the jokes in this episode that you might not have understood or missed. You can read my review on the episode here.

"The Future is Gnar " Screenshot

“The Future is Gnar ” Screenshot

Cold Open

  •  Montez: “Tom Green? You shoulda got Scott Caan.”
    • Tom Green: A Canadian actor, writer, and comedian (Freddy Got Fingered, Road Trip, Stealing Harvard)
    • Scott Caan: An American actor (Hawaii Five-O, Entourage)
  • Adam: “Oh I get it. And we come in and clean bat up…”
    • Adam’s spin on the phrase “bat cleanup”. Batting “cleanup” is baseball terminology, or maybe even common knowledge, that means to clean up a mess, or fix the situation.
The Futuristic Main Titles

The Futuristic Main Titles

Act One

  •  Tom Green Voice: “Congrats! Your bum will very soon be on your very own Swedish massage chair.”
    • Tom Green has always been a fan of the word “bum”…and “Swedish”. Don’t believe me? Watch this.
  • Ders: “And another one of our commission checks stuffed into the pockets of Tina’s real comfortable, cyber Wranglers.”
  • Blake: “Just face it. Tom Green is Freddy got finger rapin’ us all day.”
  • Blake: “Check it out…that huff, huff, huffy white heat.”
    • Huffing: Inhaling volatile substances for their intoxicating effect.
    • Do NOT try this at home. Seriously. To many kids have died.
  • Blake: “Alice? Please. I haven’t even lived yet. Alright? I didn’t even get to try Carl’s Jr. Criss-Cut Fries.
    • A type of french fries from Carl’s Jr.
  • Ders: “I understand that Tina is what’s best for T.A.C. and I’m ready. I’m ready to become…an oriental.”
    • An “oriental” is a politically incorrect term for an Asian person.
  • Adam: “Where are we gonna go Blake?”
  • Blake: “I dont know. Lets freakin’ Fievel it. Let’s go West.”
  • Adam: “To the ocean? Yeah. Right. I’m not an ocean dog. I’m a city cat.
  • Adam: “Let’s head East to the Heartland.”
    • The “Heartland” of the U.S. is the Midwest.
  • Blake: “Hey Adam, what comes after L? Bo.”
    • The letter M? No…el-bow.
Transition 1: Act One-Act Two

Transition 1: Act One-Act Two

Act Two

  •  Adam: “So once we get to Vegas, I’m think about doing a Cirque du Soleil show based on the music of Nelly. If Murphy Lee and the Saint Luniticks want to be involved that’s fine…”
    • Cirque du Soleil: A Canadian entertainment company. A “dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment.”
    • Nelly: An American Grammy Award-winning hip hop recording artist.
    • Murphy Lee: A Grammy Award-winning American rapper
    • St. Lunatics: A hip hop group from St. Louis, Missouri, formed in 1995.
  • Adam: “Do you have Air Force 1’s? Cause you’re gonna need those.”
  • Blake: “Umm, I have G-Unit Sneakers.”
  • Blake: “No, wait! He’s not an oriental yet. Look at his eyes. You can tell he’s an oriental by his eyes.”
    • A clever, almost unnoticeable, joke hinting towards the low eyes of Asian people
  • Adam: “Oh my God it’s a tapeworm!”
    • Tapeworm: A parasitic flatworm that live in the digestive tract of vertebrates as adults.
  • Blake: “Boy! Yikes! Yep, you’re gonna have a case of the hemmies after this one.”
  • Adam: “Fissures and hemmies. You might never poop again dude.”
    • Hemmies: A nickname for hemorrhoids. Yuck.
    • Fissure: A groove, natural division, deep furrow, elongated cleft, or tear in various parts of the body.
  • (Alice reads the note): “That was loose butthole.”
    • “Loose butthole” means that something wasn’t cool. The dudes coined the phrase “tight buttonhole” in Season 1 to describe things that were “gnar” (appropriate to this episode).
Transition 2: Act Two-Act Three

Transition 2: Act Two-Act Three

Act Three

  •  Adam: “Hey. Have you guys seen Kill Bill?”
    • Bill is the name of their co-worker. Kill Bill is a two-part 2003–2004 action/thriller film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.
  • Ders: “Think of RoboCop. Right? He would have those flashbacks…”
    • RoboCop: a 1987 American science fiction action film.
    • A new Robocop movie is scheduled to release in 2014.
  •  Blake“It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta Mike Rowe it.”
    • The original quote “It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it” comes from the song “We Care A Lot” by Faith No More. The song is also the theme song for the show “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel hosted by Mike Rowe.
  • Ders: “Oh! I gotta get a GIF of this!”
    • A GIF is a form of computer image that moves as an animation, because it consists of frames, like a movie with no sound.
    • Graphics Interchange Format
    • The GIF from the episode.
  •  Blake“Damn. Jillian’s a fembot”
    • A fembot is the term for a female-robot coined in the Austin Powers films.
  • Blake: “Guys. The xerox machine.”
  • Adam: “Copy that.
    • Xerox: A type of photocopier. 
Transition 3: Act Three-Act Four

Transition 3: Act Three-Act Four

Act Four

  •  Cyborg Tom Green“My bum is one the cheese. My bum is one the cheese.”
    • “My bum is one the cheese” is a lyric from the “The Bum Bum Song” that was featured on “The Tom Green Show”. You can watch the music video here. The quote is at 0:55.
  • Blake: “Try the come hither motion.”
    • Probably the most graphic quote from the episode. Blake telling Adam to try the “come hither” motion which is a technique used when trying to “pleasure” a girl’s G-spot.
    • No links in this explanation. You can look it up yourself.

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