Inside The Jokes: “Hungry Like the Wolf Dog”

Season 3, Episode 18: “Hungry Like the Wolf Dog”

This post is breaking down the jokes in this episode that you might not have understood or missed. You can read my review on the episode here.

Cold Open

  • Blake: “Nah man, this isn’t that. This is ‘Drinking and Drag-ons’.”
Cold Open: "Hungry Like the Wolf Dog"

Cold Open: “Hungry Like the Wolf Dog”

Act One

  • Ders: “I tried to yelp it but I got no bars, except for when I rap, obviously.”
    • Yelp: (Website) A local directory service with social networking and user reviews
    • Bars (in music/rapping) is a segment of time given a certain number of beats
  • Blake: “I mean, it’s not to long to wait here right? We can always eat some of Adam’s Jack Links. Come on, jerk me off bro.”
  • Jillian: “I use to dominate the caber toss at the annual Keltic Fest.”
    • The caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event involving the tossing of a large wooden pole called a caber
Transition 1: Act One/Two

Transition 1: Act One/Two

Act Two

  • Blake: “I feel like I’m on top of the Aggro Crag. Come on, ‘Spill-Your-Guts’!”
    • Honestly if you don’t get this joke you probably don’t even think this show is funny. This is the perfect example of the entire target demographic’s maturity/humor level. But I guess I’ll explain anyways…
    • The Aggro Crag was the giant mountain that contestants raced against each other up on Nickelodeon’s show “Guts”. “Do-Do-Do-Do You Have It?” “Whatcha got Mo?”
  • Adam: “Oh my God it’s a military Jeep! It was probably abandoned here during the ‘Golf’ War”/”Time to tee off. Get that?”
    • Adam is confusing “Golf” for the Gulf War. A war between the U.S. with 34 other nations against Iraq from 1990-1991
  • Blake: “Crush! Another planet devoured by the mighty Galactus.”
    • Galactus is a fictional character published by Marvel Comics that is set in space
  • Blake: “Oh my God. Jillian…It’s ditch weed. It’s weed! Yes! Thank you Based God”
    • Ditch weed is a pot plant that is in a location for no apparent reason. As if the plant was “ditched”
    • Based God: A term coined by the one and only Lil B. It means someone who is a top drug dealer and has the best of everything
Transition 2: Act Two/Three

Transition 2: Act Two/Three

Act Three

  • Blake: “Oh hell yeah ditch…weed. Oh, did you wanna hit the pipe-cone?”
    • “Oh hell yeah bitch” is a common phrase used by Blake and Karl in the series. This one is just modified while Blake is smoking the ditch weed.
    • Pipe-cone: The name Blake gave his the pinecone he used to smoke out of in the woods
Transition 3: Act Three/Four

Transition 3: Act Three/Four

Act Four

  • Blake: “Yeah I’ll get you the pizza. I’m just joking. But what if I wasn’t and you’d be like ‘What are you talking ’bout William?'”
    • Blake modifies this famous quote said from the TV show ‘Different Stroke’. Gary Coleman’s (aka Arnold’s) famous line is “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis?” (Check out this dope compilation)
  • Ders (to dog): “Come on! Come on you bitch!”
    • Even though this sounds like a regular saying, it’s actually a re-enactment from a scene from in the movie “The Perfect Storm”. George Clooney says this line as the the giant wave is approaching their boat. Don’t believe me? Fast forward to 1:30 in this clip

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2 responses

  1. These are great. I love the “inside the jokes” because honestly, I don’t get them all. Now it’s fun to see which ones I got and which flew over my head.

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