“In Line” Review

Season 3, Episode 19: “In Line”

Aired: March 13, 2013

The Guys Wait In Line: For A Video Game & Clean Needles

The Guys Wait In Line: For A Video Game & Clean Needles

This episode was written by Adam Devine (or as you might know him: Adam Demamp) and it’s one of the best I’ve seen to date. Adam, Blake, and Ders try to get their hands on the newest video game all for different reasons and get themselves involved in some crazy stuff as usual. What kind of stuff? Zombies, PCP, Goth Chicks, Sex Tapes…should I keep going? Nah. Let’s dive into this episode.


We begin this episode with Ders making out with a new goth chick at the house. Unfortunately for him, Adam, Blake, and Karl bust in excited for the new game that is being released tomorrow night. They are dressed as zombies and scared off “Jenny from the bank“, or as they like to refer to her “The Darkness”. The next day in the office, Blake plans to wait in line for the new game (Code of Ronin: Undead Apocalypse), but Jillian has other plans. She ditches work and Blake is forced to cover for her so Adam is now in charge of waiting in line for the game. Ders is planning on bringing Jenny over again thanks to Montez’s knowledge of goth chick turn-ons and Ders tells her Adam will pick her up a copy as well.

At the office, Blake is being swamped by Alice while Adam is on the other side of the phone asking for direction to the game store. “Just look for the zombies”. Of course knowing Adam, where would he wind up? He sees a line of people who look like zombies, but in reality, these people are drugs addicts and are waiting in line for clean needles. He mixes with the locals and asks if they want to smoke some weed. Sure they would. If they have the product, he’s paying. Well this plan backfires. As it turns out, they let Adam smoke PCP unknowingly and he starts to freak out. They people turn into zombies and they try to rob him. Run Adam!

Light It Up: Wait…That’s Not Weed

Meanwhile back at the dude’s house, Jenny and Ders sit down for a dinner when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Karl on the bang patrol. “You bang her yet bro?” Karl says he should video tape it with a Go Pro. Ders agrees so it looks like Karl is the new ventilation worker. Jenny overhears the entire conversation between the two guys and knows what they are up to.

Some time has passed now and we see Blake at the video game store, but Adam isn’t there. Blake get’s in a little scuffle with Tony Danza’s cousin Devin, who’s a total “Chad”, and winds up sticking up for nerds worldwide and rips out some of Devin’s armpit hair to gain his spot back in line. But right after that we see Adam run by the store in a hurry. He’s still high being chased!

Cut back to the dude’s house. Karl finishes “fixing” the vent in Ders’ room (camera setup) and Jenny has a plan of her own. She wants a “ménage à brahj”with Karl and Ders. After a little convincing, the dudes are blindfolded and wind up groping each other while Ders munches on Karl’s underwear. She get’s a text message telling her to turn on the TV. It turns out there has been an incident at the video game store and Code of Ronin won’t be released tonight. Jenny is pissed and grabs the Go Pro from the vent and bolts, threatening to upload the video to the internet if Ders tries to call her again. Karl doesn’t care though, he already has some of his own videos!

How To Not Use A Go Pro

How To Not Use A Go Pro

At least Adam and Blake made the news. You can see them dancing and humping the news reporter. Check your local listings.

Adam & Blake Make The News

Adam & Blake Make The News

Episode Quotes

  • Adam: “I’m a zombie. Not like a dumb zombie who eats brains. I’m like a smart one who eats Boston Market.”
  • Adam:  “Lines suck dude. My mom was actually stabbed in the stomach when she was pregnant with me waiting in line for Riddler’s Revenge at Six Flags. So I have like Post Dramatic Pre-Natal Stress Disease. It’s like a real thing in my life.”
  • Devin: “Dude. How have you not seen My Chemical Romance live?!”

Season Finale

Be sure to check out the last episode of season 3 next Wednesday. “The Future Is Gnar”

Season 3 Finale Preview

Season 3 Finale Preview


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    • I honestly don’t know. I do know that this episode didn’t feature any majored licensed songs but the music for this episode came from “APM Music”, “Black Toast Music”, and “Extreme Music”. (Thanks to the episode credits and the official Workaholics Tumblr blog made by the Script Coordinator Steven White)

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