“High Art” Review

Season 3, Episode 16: “High Art”

They Guys: "High Art" Screenshot

The Guys: “High Art” Screenshot

When Blake has an idea for an unburnable American flag, Adam and Ders steal it and try to make some cheddar. Meanwhile, Blake hangs out with Shame and Karl in an art crew and try to stick it to the man.


The guys visit an old friend (Patrick/”Trick”) from high school who opened a new club. While Adam and Ders try to pitch their “smart” ideas, Blake isn’t allowed inside so he hangs out with Shame, Karl, and the rest of the art crew.

While inside the club, Adam and Ders pitch ideas that Patrick isn’t into so as a last measure, they steal Blake’s idea of an unburnable American flag. Patrick sees the $$$ and rolls with it. When it comes time to pitch the idea to investors, Blake saves the day when he shows up with the prototype. The catch? This flag actually does burn.

While Blake is hanging with the art crew, he notices that these dudes are just “wangsters”, not his real friends. So the crew’s plan of turning the club’s sprinklers into tinklers back fires when the crew goes inside the club. When Patrick lights the flag for a demonstration to investors, it catches fire and sets off the sprinkler system; covering everyone in pee. Bottom line? Adam, Blake, and Ders will always be friends. Money can’t separate them. Sorry Karl, you still smell like dirty brown water trash.

Hey Neighbors

Hey Neighbors

Random Facts From This Episode

  • Karl has bowled a 300.
  • Patrick owns every Good Charlotte CD
  • Adam has some cool ideas in his noggin:
    • Soap on a chain (rope is for women)
    • All M&M’s trail mix
    • A shirt that doubles as a cool hat (call it a “shat”)


  • Shame: “You don’t take down art. Art takes you down.”
  • Adam: “I’m not a KKK guy, but that looks magnificent.”
  • Patrick: “Good snorting Vietnam!”
  • Adam: “You only yolo once.”
  • Adam: “Black people of all shapes and ages love to be called bro.”
When Your Art Falls Apart

When Your Art Falls Apart


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