“Hungry Like the Wolf Dog” Review

Season 3, Episode 18: “Hungry Like the Wolf Dog”


This episode is one completely different than we’ve ever seen. The dudes, and Jillian, are in the woods almost all the entire time. Who needs TelAmericorp anyways? Blake and Jillian can rule the TelAmericorp wilderness together! But I’m getting ahead of myself here, let’s recap:

When the guys get the late night munchies for the ultimate breakfast burrito, they get Jillian to drive them 100 miles away. They fail to realize that the burrito shop isn’t a 24 hour place and they wind up having to kill 4 hours before it opens. So what do they do? Drink and chill in the woods of course. When Jillian throws a keg into the roof of a truck, an angry dog attacks Ders and causes the group to split up. Adam & Ders drive an abandoned Jeep from the “Golf War” & eat lizards as Blake & Jillian smoke and almost “hook/buck”. The groups finally reunites and eats their “crappy” burrito, but not without causing the blind owner of the burrito shop to bust out in tears? How you ask? The dog that originally attacked them was actually her seeing eye dog, that Ders killed!

New Terminology

Drinking & Drag-ons: A variation of Dungeons and Dragons. Roll the dice, hit the bong, then chug your beer for the amount of seconds you rolled.

Pipe-cone: Smoking out of a pine cone.

Hook: “Bucking” Male wolves hook their mates during intercourse so they can’t escape.

Favorite Quotes

Adam: “We are men. We are doing this. We are men in the woods and we are doing this!”

Blake: “Jack me off bro.” (He only wants some Jack Links beef jerky)

Blake: “Life’s short. Kiss hard.”

My Questions About This Episode

1. Jillian delivers pizza now?

2. Are Jillian and Blake a couple now?

3. Why didn’t Blake take the entire weed plant with him?

4. Why would a blind woman leave her seeing eye dog?

Regardless, I think this episode was hilarious. I like the change of pace.

Hungry Like the Wolf Dog

Update (3/9/13): Here’s some data from the Wednesday night premiere.

Workaholics pulled 1,233,000 viewers (Live+SD) and got a 0.8 rating.

Fun fact: The same night, “Duck Dynasty” pulled 8,158,000 views (Live+SD) and a 3.6 rating. (They killed it, for cable at least).

Interested in what “ratings” really are? How about (Live+Same Day)? Check it out.


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