Quick Update, More to C*m

Wow I’m behind. But don’t sweat it brahj, I’m back and here to stay. Where have I been? Stop grilling me dude, Karl has been keeping me busy…yeah.

So let’s see where we’re at. Currently we are in Season 3B. Let’s see a quick breakdown:

Episode 11: “Booger Nights” (1.72 million U.S. viewers) (Jan. 16)

Episode 12: “A TelAmerican Horror Story” (1.38 million) (Jan. 23)

Episode 13: “Alice Quits” (1.30 million) (Jan. 30)

Episode 14: “Fourth & Inches” (1.59 million) (Feb. 6)

Episode 15: “Webcam Girl” (1.30 million) (Feb. 13)

Episode 16: “High Art” (1.17 million) (Feb. 20)

Episode 17: “The Worst Generation” (1.09 million) (Feb. 27)

Next Episode: Wednesday March 6, 10:00pm “Hungry Like A Wolf”

The Rest of Season 3: March 13th and 20th. (20 total episodes in season 3)

On January 6, 2013 Comedy Central renewed the show for a 4th and 5th season! Each season containing 13 episodes. So where does that leave us? As of today (March 4), we have 29 total episodes of weirdness guaranteed. So pick your poison, whether it be a “bud”dy, “giggle juice”, “whip-its”, or even the guys new friend “snow” and indulge on your Wednesday nights with a new episode. (Responsibly of course)

Also check out my new favorite show “Kroll Show” following Workaholics at 10:30.



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