The Best of Workaholics

*Post Warning: Crude/Sexual Humor, Illegal Substances (Obviously)

I have been sitting here, looking at the list of all the episodes to date and I can honestly say that I can’t pick a favorite one. Through 30 episodes we’ve seen it all (at least we think). Rigging drug test, child predators, drug dealer weddings, raccoon kicking, co-workers on mushrooms, pranking dead people, drunk calling their boss? This show has no limits.

Since I can’t pick a favorite episode, let’s go with my top 5 favorite scenes from Workaholics through season 3. S’ko!

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5. How Much?: “In the Line of Getting Fired” (S1, E10) (Video)

The conversation on the way to work: How much money would it take for you to suck a man’s junk? (Conditions: Adam can pick the guy, just not Anders or Blake) Adam will do it for $100,000, $75,000, and even $5,000. That least amount he would do it for? $900! Oh yeah, then Anders hits the CEO of their company when Adam makes that bold statement.

4.  Hot Temp Conversation: “Temp-Tress” (S2, E3) (Video)

Yes, I do have Adam’s opening impression memorized. It’s hard not to when you’ve seen it as much as I have. This scene shows the guys in their cubicle talking about how distracting and hot the new temp in the office is. But she’s too hot to be real and probably dates hot dudes. She’s so hot that Blake can’t even look at her or he will “pre” in his pants.

3. Get Out of Work Free Pass: “We Be Ballin’” (S1, E2) (Video)

Home of the famous bear jacket and “fur sure” quote. “B**** better have my honey!” After Blake buys a bear jacket he only has $5 left. A bottle of ipecac sounds like a good investment. But it wouldn’t make Adam vomit…so he thinks. I guess the scientists had their hypotenuses right. (Someone tell Adam what a hypothesis is)

2. We’ve Run Out of Things We Smeeoke: “True Dromance” (S3, E2) (Video)

The guys have run out of weed and need to find some since their drug dealer is no where to be found. The tattoo parlor sounds like a good place to look. But they don’t want to be too obvious about what they are looking for. After Adam gets a belly button ring, the worker still won’t hook them up! Good thing the tattoo artist next to them is one of the best dealers in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

1. Car Chase: “Man Up” (S2, E9) (Video)

If you watch any clip from this post, this is the one to check out. When coming up with this list, I really didn’t think this would make #1, until I remember how hard I was laughing when I saw it for the first time. After the guys kick a homeless man’s raccoon, Anders has to teach the man how to drive his car after he steals it. To prove their masculinity, Adam and Blake chase after them in hopes of saving Ders. Blake is a first time driver as Adam harpoons the back tire of Anders car. With Adam still holding the gun, Anders car stops…but his doesn’t, taking Adam for an unexpected ride through the air…and asphalt.

Comment and let’s hear your favorite scene from Workaholics.


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