Inside the Jokes: “Man Up” (Season 2, Episode 9)

If you’re a fan of the show and reading this blog post, I would recommend watching the episode I’m about talk about after reading this. This style of comedy produced in Workaholics is something I’ve never seen before. It’s crude, but true. It’s immature, but involves working in the “real world”. It’s not something you’d expect out of college grads, well maybe a little, but not to this extreme.

I’m hooked when I start watching an episode, even if I don’t understand all the jokes that the guys say. And that’s why I wanted to look into some of these. This blog post will analyze some of the jokes and clarify some stuff in the episode “Man Up”.

Quick Plot Summary: Anders, Adam, and Blake are invited to a Rhianna concert by Jillian, but when a bouncer at the bar makes Adam cry, they all realize that they aren’t the manly men they thought they were so they go on a manly journey to prove their masculinity.

Anders Version of Hunting

  • When the bouncer won’t allow Adam to sing karaoke he insinuates that the guys are gay. (Video Clip)

Anders: “We’re all friends here. No need for the name calling.”

Bouncer: “F*** off Eddy Bauer!”

(Eddy Bauer is a clothing store chain selling to men, women, and children.)

  • When the guys try to buy guns to hunt they are rejected by the clerk because of the 10-day waiting period. (Video Clip)

Blake: “We have the right to bear guns. I know that’s a fact. That’s one of the commandments.”

Gun Clerk: “Dude, it’s the law.”

(Blake is trying to refer to the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: The right to keep and bear arms.)

  • When Blake states his dislike for fish and Adam then pulls out chewing tobacco for the guys to all try.

Blake: “But fish aren’t animals, they’re like the rodents of the sea. Actually I wouldn’t mind if we just cemented over the ocean. I hate fish.”

Adam: “Speaking of oceans, who wants to take…a dip?”

(Probably my favorite line of the entire episode. Adam is comparing taking a “dip” in the sea to chewing tobacco, which is also called dip.)

  • When Adam is describing how he would kill a mountain lion.

Adam: “Do you think a mountain lion would fit on the roof of the Vo? (Anders’ car, Volvo) Minus the head of course, ‘cause I’ve already exploded that off…Gears of War style.”

(Adam is referring to the shooter video game Gears of War where soldiers kill monsters.)

  • When Anders and Blake encourage Adam to kill the wounded raccoon.

Blake: “Yeah we’re hunting. It’s cool! Adam finish him. (In a softer, quitter voice) Babality.”

Adam: “Ahh good call. Babality.”

(Bablity is a move used in the video game “Mortal Combat II” that turns your opponent into the infant version of the character.)

I could write about a lot more jokes but I’ll let you try to figure out some of these jokes yourselves. Have fun!

I had to add this one…

  • When Anders comes to the realization that they weren’t cut out for hunting and all the manly activities.

Blake: “Hey what the heck. This may not be our Will Forte.”

(I’ll let you put this one together…genius comedy.)


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