How Was the Show Created?

Personally, I would have loved to been there, in the writer’s room, just listening to these guys pitch their own ideas for the pilot. These guys were just hoping not to be canceled, but 30 episodes and over a year a half later they are still going strong (and the next 10 are on the way)!

But how did Comedy Central even find these guys?

We can start from the beginning…Blake Anderson (Blake) and Kyle Newacheck (Karl/Director) grew up together in Northern California and both attended community college in Orange County. These two then met Adam DeVine (Adam) who later introduced his friend from improv class, Anders Holm (Ders). While Kyle was in film school in L.A., the guys concentrated their time on comedy, performing stand-up and taking acting classes. They all began making YouTube videos in early 2006 and that led to where they are today.

They were all fans of sketch comedy so that was their main outlet on YouTube. When asked why they started to make videos for the Internet, they replied that it was a fun thing to do, and a way to express their creativity and what they thought was funny. They had hoped for a movie or TV show about their ideas, but that wasn’t the intent of their productions, they were looking for a buck or two. Their YouTube channel was called Mail Order Comedy, and it is still up today (despite the inactivity since Dec. 1, 2009).

With several popular web series and sketches such as “The Wizards” and “Crossbows & Mustaches”, Comedy Central contacted the guys after discovering their web series “5th Year”. (You can find all the episodes here)

5th Year IS the show Workaholics, minus the Comedy Central budget. With only 5 episodes (4-5 minutes long), the ideas from 5th Year were actually the concepts behind some full Workaholics episodes. For example:

5th Year, Episode 1: “The Promotion” = Workaholics, Season 1, Ep. 4: “The Promotion”

Once Comedy Central contacted the guys about producing the show, it has been all-uphill from there.

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4 responses

  1. It’s cool to see writers come from community college, youtube, and film school and join together to succeed in writing for Comedy Central. It’s always interesting to see where TV shows come from and how they come up with the ideas and how it relates to their life and experiences.

  2. It’s is interesting to see that this show also came from a duo that met in school much like Once Upon a Time. It seems some of the best shows have come from the minds of two. I have never seen this show, but it certainly seems like a trip!

  3. I’ve never heard of this show before, but it sounds like something I would really enjoy watching. I, too, think it’s great to see how writers really take their own lives and turn them into quality programming. I’ve seen a number of online sketch comedies that sound a lot like this (like Jake and Amir on College Humor), and it’s always refreshing to laugh at these kinds of antics. I will definitely have to check Workaholics out now!

  4. I love that they were all legitimate friends before Comedy Central picked up Workaholics. When I’m watching the show, it just makes it that much funnier that these antics aren’t too far-fetched from the things they might actually do in real life. It makes the show seem more genuine.

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