The Other Cubicle

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I wonder what the other employees of Telamericorp are doing when Anders, Adam, and Blake aren’t destroying the office…

Now you can check it out “The Other Cubicle”, the web series spin-off following Montez Walker, Waymond Womano and Jet Set. The web series started in May along with the debut of season 3 and follows some of the guys’ favorite co-workers as the have some fun in the office.

In case you don’t already know these guys (which you should) I’ll catch you up.

Montez: The leader of “The Other Cubicle”. Very energetic, takes his job seriously, and outgoing. He’ll confront you if you mess up, but he’s not “that guy” in the office that no one likes. He’s a good friend of Anders, Adam and Blake.

Waymond: The quiet one…literally. He never talks. But he’s still hilarious. He’s constantly bullied, but still loved by everyone. Korean with a little attitude. “Everybody loves Waymond” – Adam

Jet Set: Why this guy is working at Telamericorp I have no idea. The only black guy in the office and he knows how to have some fun on the job. He’s bossy but has a great sense of humor.

The mini-series is currently 6 episodes in and we have seen the guys fight each other, prank each other, and do some other hilarious things that you wouldn’t be surprised by with working at Telamericorp. I mean let’s be real…could you work with Adam, Ders, and Blake and not have that sense of humor? You have to be able to keep up.

My favorite episode so far was the third released, actually on my birthday, called “Nap Time”. You can watch it here. This episode beings with Jillian (the immature/lovable office secretary) walking into the guys’ cubicle and she finds them all asleep (during work). Waymond is actually wearing a CPAP because he has Sleep Apnea. Jillian wakes the guys up but they tell her that they need to take a nap to be a successful telemarketer. A few calls later, Jillian realizes she needs a nap too!

If you’re like me and just need a quick Workaholics fix but don’t have 22 minutes, check out “The Other Cubicle”.

Jillian: “I’m sorry, what the hell is on his face?”

Montez: “Way got sleep apnea. That’s his CPAP.”


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