Blake’s Accident


Some people may ask if the cast of Workaholics is as crazy in real-life as they are in the show, and that’s an easy answer…definitely yes.

At a house party in December 2011 Blake Anderson, still Blake in the show, jumped off their roof into a custom Comedy Central beer pong table during their house party and fractured his spine. You can see the video of his jump here.

He underwent surgery Dec. 22, less than a week after the incident in LA and he is still going to physical therapy in hopes of a full recovery. Blake admitted to MTV and TMZ that alcohol was the reason for the dumb decision. You can see both interviews below…

TMZ Walking Interview

MTV Interview

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Blake jump off a roof though. In the episode “Temp-tress” (Season 2, Episode 3) that aired Oct. 4, 2011, we saw Blake jump from the roof into their pool after Adam accidently set Blake’s hair ablaze instead of the books that they were burning. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he’s made the jump either. Check out the screenshot from the episode.


I guess Blake was a little too excited by the show’s renewal for season 3 that he needed to celebrate in a big way. Season 3 aired in late may of 2012, putting production in early 2012, making Blake work, and go through physical therapy at the same time. With the season featuring some real stunts such as jumping bikes, digging, and heavy lifting I’m sure he went through some tough days on set.

Although Blake was injured and went through surgery, he stayed in good spirits. In his interview with MTV he jokes about how people call the jump an “accident”.  He stated, “It’s weird when people call it an accident, because I kinda meant to do it.” Adam then cuts him off saying, “No you meant to, 100% meant to do that.”

Closing thoughts from Blake:

“Don’t jump off roofs into uhhh, hard surfaces.”

– Your PSA from the Workaholics


4 responses

  1. I haven’t had a chance to watch an episode of Workaholics yet but I can completely see how it might reflect the writers real lives. From everything you’ve written about them, I can only imagine being on set with them must be a fun experience!

  2. I haven’t seen the show, but from this post I would guess that it is crazy. If cast members are jumping off roofs in their free time, then I would believe that the show goes to some weird places. However, I did like that the guy took responsibility and did try to make it look like an accident. His comment made me chuckle.

  3. Thank God Tyler the Creator was there to watch and laugh…haha. But for real, I bet that was a scary experience for people at that party. I was convinced by my brother to start watching Workaholics a couple months AFTER this happened, and judging by how obsessed I got with this show, I’m thankful. I think that if this would have happened at the peak of my obsession (I would literally stay up all night watching episodes and might have bought a FREE KARL tshirt…), I would have shed some tears. Workaholics for life, though.

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