Adam Can Sing?!

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First things first: Pitch Perfect Movie Trailer

Adam DeVine (or Demamp as you may know him) is the first of the Workaholics to make the big screen in a starring role. Adam starred as Bumper in the film Pitch Perfect that was released September 28, 2012. The movie is a musical comedy centered around a college girl and her all female a cappella group as they compete against their rivals, The Treble Makers, lead by Bumper. Meet Adam’s character and get a laugh here.

Adam’s character is the intense leader of the all male a cappella group who secretly likes a member of their rival group (“Fat Amy” played by Rebel Wilson). Although I have never seen the movie, after watching a few trailers and short clips I probably wouldn’t mind checking it out. Bumper’s personality, from what I’ve seen, actually resembles his character in Workaholics a good bit. He still has that sarcastic, in your face, and funny personality that he portrays in Workaholics in the movie.

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With the break in production for Workaholics from season 2 to 3, Adam was lucky enough to take this role in the movie. Hopefully the move to the big screen will become a big boost for the entire Workaholics casts’ family, leading to greater popularity and future ratings increase. The show is slowly gaining popularity so who knows…is syndication a possibility? I would probably guess no, but we can all dream. As we speak Workaholics has aired 30 episodes (10 per season) with 10 more on the way for season 4 due to air in early January 2013.

Adam isn’t the only Workaholic on the big screen either. Blake Anderson (Blake Henderson in the show) is also contributing on a film as well. His voice will be used for the character Dagda in 20th Century Fox’s new animated film Epic due out May 24, 2013. The voice-over casts also includes stars such as Beyonce Knowles, Colin Farrel, Jason Sudeikis, and Aziz Ansari to name a few. You can watch the trailer here.


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  1. This is sad, but I saw Pitch Perfect and liked it an embarrassing amount. It was honestly one of the more hilarious movies I’ve seen recently, and this is coming from a “I have to see every movie nominated for the Oscars” girl, so I’m into the good ones. If Adam is anywhere as funny in Workaholics as he was in Pitch Perfect, then I need to watch this show more.

  2. I still have never seen Workaholics but after talking about it during our class discussion, I really want to start catching up on the seasons! I haven’t seen Pitch Perfect yet either but it looks absolutely hilarious and Adam DeVine seems to be a great part of that. As a follower of the show, I’m sure it would be really funny to see one of the main characters play a role in a movie in a semi-musical like Pitch Perfect.

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