The Writers

The first half of season 3 is now complete until January and the show has seen a total of 12 credited writers in its 30 episodes so far. The show is not completely based on the ”Workaholics” real life, but rather an exaggerated reality with what the guys might actually do, or say, if they were to be put in these ridiculous situations. With 4 of these 12 writers actually playing main roles in the show, it’s no secret that these guys have a lot fun working on their own project. Just take a look at Adam…

In the writer’s room.
Photo credit to: Steven White (Workaholics Script Coordinator)

I’m going to try to break this down in the simplest way possible so let’s try this out.

Since day 1 and the show’s pilot, cleverly named “Piss & S**t”, the group of 6 writers, as well as executive producers, has consisted of:

Anders Holm

The first thing you should know is that Anders, Adam, and Blake didn’t change their names for the show, with the exception of a minor change in their last name. With that being said, Anders Holm (playing Anders Holmvik) has acted and written for the show as well as doing both for the three’s sketch comedy group called “Mail Order Comedy”.  Check it out:

He has also appeared in several other TV series such as The One ‘N Done, Key and Peele, and Traffic Light.

Adam Devine

Playing Adam Demamp, he also has written for the show as well as writing/acting for “Mail Order Comedy”.  He also landed a role in the comedy musical film “Pitch Perfect” due out Oct. 5 this year.

Blake Anderson

Playing Blake Henderson, he has written/acted in both Workaholics and “Mail Order Comedy”.  He also is the voice of Dagda in the 3D animated film “Epic” due out May 24, 2013.

Kyle Newacheck

Playing the guys’ drug dealer Karl in the show, he is also the director of the show. He has also been a writer/producer/director for several other smaller projects including the groups’ “Mail Order Comedy”.

Dominic Russo & Connor Pritchard

Russo and Pritchard have been a writers and producers for both Workaholics and the TV series short 5th Year.

Other Credited Writers

David King

Writer for the TV series Parks & Recreation, The League, Traffic Light, Frank TV, and Crank Yankers.

Brian Etheridge

Writer for TV series Friends With Benefits, Gary Unmarried, The Joe Schmo Show, and The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

Bill Krebs

Writer and story editor for TV series Franklin & Bash and Ugly Americans

Kevin Etten

Writer and Producer for TV series such as Scrubs, Reaper, Miss Guided, Desperate Housewives.

Sean Clements

Writer for TV series Allen Gregory and Popzilla. Also appears in season 3, episode 10 of Workaholics as “Fritz”.

Dominic Dierks

Writer for Allen Gregory, The Onion News Network, Fantasy Factory, and writer/actor/producer for the film Mysterty Team and the sketch comedy group “Derricks Comedy”.

Check It Out…

Here’s a link to an interview from July talking to the cast about being the writers, actors, and producers for the show: